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Government Of Assam Home & Political Vigilance & Anti Corruption

What We Do

  • Mechanism/Functioning of Anti Corruption & Vigilance Department

    Vigilance Work

    • On specific direction from the Govt. of Assam,  (Home & Political Department) enquiry and investigation is taken up in the Directorate on the following lines.
    • On receipt of any complaint that a public servant had exercised or refrained from exercising his powers for dishonest and corrupt purposes.
    • On receipt of any complaint of corruption, misconduct, lack of integrity or indulgences in malpractices or misdemeanor on the part of public servants including members of the All India Services in connection with the affairs of the State Government.

    Anti-Corruption Work

    • Where cases are registered and investigated by the Anti-Corruption branch, the Director of Vigilance & Anti-Corruption will inform the Commissioner and Secretary Political Department, Assam the result of such investigation.
    • If he is of the view that a prosecution should be launched and sanction for prosecution is required to be issued in the name of the Governor, he will forward the full report of the investigation to the Chief Secretary, Assam, for processing further action by the Political Department.
    • If any authority other than Governor is competent to sanction prosecution, the  Director of Vigilance & Anti-Corruption, Assam with the approval of the Secretary Political Department, Assam, will forward to such authority the investigation report for sanction for prosecution.